Action Figures of your Favourite Stars – Art of Movies

Figures_of_Action_flat_2048x2048Did you ever love or still love playing with toys based on characters from your favourite movies? Have you ever asked yourself how come the stars of the film get all the limelight when it comes to merchandise, what about the creators? Jason Brockert has painted a set of some of Hollywoods greatest behind the scenes heroes, all in the style of toys from the late 70’s and early 80’s. If you’re like me I imagine that you’re as much of a fan of the Writers, Directors and Composers as you are the Actors who star in the movies.  Brockert has also created a set of classic Stars Wars figures, most of which are based on the toys I wish I still owned or hadn’t chewed in the bath when I was 4. In the complete collection you can find Politicians, Athletes and some stars of TV. Check out his full gallery here.Walt_Disney_1024x1024george-rr-martin-760x1024anthony_daniels Shatner_1024x1024 Vince_Gilligan_1024x1024 JJ_1024x1024 John_Williams_1024x1024Screen_Shot_2016-07-28_at_1.59.40_PM_1024x1024 Screen_Shot_2016-07-28_at_1.48.06_PM_1024x1024 Screen_Shot_2016-07-28_at_1.49.24_PM_1024x1024Screen_Shot_2016-07-28_at_1.54.33_PM_1024x1024Screen_Shot_2016-07-28_at_1.56.55_PM_1024x1024Screen_Shot_2016-07-28_at_1.53.23_PM_1024x1024Screen_Shot_2016-07-28_at_1.44.37_PM_1024x1024