The Accountant – Movie Review

After being one of the few good things in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck continues his recent run of character driven action men, with his new thriller, The Accountant. So, is it any good?

YESThere was a lot I liked about this film, but unfortunately it falls into the category of good rather than great, and much of that has to do with the way the plot is doled out, particularly in the latter half of the film. The film starts out with a series of flashbacks, slowly introducing us to our lead protagonist Christian Wolff (Affleck), who grows up to become a socially awkward man suffering from autism, who runs a small time accounting business in middle America. As the plot slowly unravels, we soon learn there’s more to Christian than meets the eye, as his links to a global terrorism ring are exposed by an ever watchful CIA, and he unwittingly becomes the target of an entirely new threat.maxresdefault-1In the early stages of The Accountant, there’s an emphasis on showing rather than telling, which allows the viewer to work out Christian’s true motivations for themselves. However as the story progresses, it falls for the trap of over explaining important plot points and relies too heavily on twists you see coming a mile away. It all just makes you wish the filmmakers had stuck to their guns, and not underestimated the intelligence of their audience.

“A solid piece of entertainment with a genuinely interesting premise”

The character of Christian Wolff is a fascinating one, coming off like a pencil pushing Jason Bourne as he doles out punishment to his adversaries using everything from a kitchen sink to a belt buckle. But where buddy Matt Damon was a trained killer, Wolff is predominantly a numbers man, choosing to only use violence when absoloutely necessary. The rest of the impressive cast director Gavin O’Connor has assembled are all strong in their respective roles, although you do wonder whether Anna Kendrick’s character was added to shoehorn in a romance subplot.anna-kendrick-and-ben-affleck-in-the-accountantThe Accountant is a solid piece of entertainment with a genuinely interesting premise, that is unfortunately squandered by an uneven narrative and an over reliance on exposition. See it for Ben Affleck’s performance and the inventive action scenes, just don’t go expecting it to rank highly on your top ten list come the end of the year.

The Accountant is released in Australian cinemas from tomorrow