If everyone’s not talking about bloody Batman Vs Superman, it’s the frenemies in Captain America Civil War.  So now’s as good a time as any to look back at their origin stories with some minimalist art from California based freelance designer Khoa Ho.

The posters vary between who they were before they became heroes and what made them slip into the tights and ‘underoos’.  I particularly like the way each one is summed up in a simple title. Can you tell who’s who?  You can check out more from Khoa Ho here:




Let me know what you think of this collection in the comments section below

BTW – They make great wallpapers for your phone1418223517cff2Ow1XtVefBmJe48SJlLWyu2TA3QDc superheroes_past_present_2 Amazon 953a1ed6170d16292a99fe1658a39907 45ebd07ed74c6757ff64b55ad6bc600a 9e9e31080ae65228fb7857d0016103f6 20140824151952_XLcXt Hulk Thor Wolv Spiderman Pro 20140824151834_seLsvbc34eeaad75eec78c732ba05f28aa86e (1)