Jimmy Kimmel and Marvel unleash the first trailer from the highly anticipated superhero film Captain America: Civil War

Sweet mother of Marvel! Where’s the buy tickets button? Captain America: Civil War is loosely based on the Marvel comic event called Civil War that pitted heroes against heroes due to a government act that forced Superhuman beings to reveal their identities to the public and thus causing a rift in the universe with Heroes that believed in the act (Iron Man side) and heroes that didn’t (Captain America’s side).

Directed once again by the Marvel golden double the Russo Brothers we see a side of Super Hero films rarely seen, One that doesn’t rely on the super hero genre but can build a great backdrop and plot and just so happens to have super heroes involved. This looks to follow in those footsteps. I cannot wait to see these titans clash, just the little smidge at the end of the trailer was not enough.

While there’s no Hulk or Thor in this sequel, Captain America: Civil War is highly rumoured to web sling in the first appearance of the Marvel cineverse version of Spider-Man played by Tom Holland.

CAPTAIN AMERICAN: CIVIL WAR opens April 18th 2016