Dr Doom

10 Actors Who Could Make Doom Great Again

Victor Von Doom aka Doctor Doom is one of Marvel’s most iconic villains. The main adversary of the Fantastic Four, Doom has knocked fists with the best Marvel has to offer, often only being defeated by sheer luck or playing to his ego. Doom is a complex character who needs a skilled actor to play him. The ruler of Latveria, Doom is a dictator and egomaniac, who speaks in the third person and thinks everyone is beneath him. However, he also shows compassion for his people, ensuring the Latverian population is protected by his sovereignty. Doom demands perfection! So who are the actors who would be fit to play Doom?

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

Fresh of Doctor Strange and Sherlock success, Cumberbatch has the acting chops and big name regonition to really help put Doom back on the map. His deep and booming voice demands people listen. Add his shakesperean acting background to the mix and he can really bring a sense of gravitas required to portray the imposing Doom. We know that Cumberbatch can play an arrogant egotist well and has the look to play Doom both in and our of his body armour. He may just need to bulk up a bit for the role.

Mads Mikkelsen

mads mikkelsen

One of the initial front-runners for the character for the 2015 reboot of Fantastic Four, Mikkelsen left the project when he read the travesty of the script. He has recently shown interest in playing the role if the script is up to his standard. No stranger to a villain in Marvel movies and also as the acclaimed Hannibal Lecter, Mikkelsen’s deadpan, concocting demeanour demands people pay attention. His European background is also a good fit for the Latverian dictator. If he goes to a script reading and doesn’t walk out in a rage, 100% faith would be put into this movie.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau


Boy does Nikolaj look good in armour. Put a face mask on him in Game of Thrones and you essentially have a golden Doom. Nikolaj has the capacity to play a character who is in between good and bad, as he has done with Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones. He’s cocky and arrogant, but also capable of compassion. While his movie experiences have been far from positive so far, playing the titilular villain could boost him to the stratosphere. He is also no stranger to fight scenes and larger than life story telling. Plus missing out on him being seared by Drogon allows me to see him as the burnt Doom, thus fulfilling my wish.

Andrew Scott


Another Sherlock actor who is much the same as Cumberbatch but more adept to playing the villain. His Moriarty is sinister and cunning. Scott has the face could easily play Von Doom and the versatile range to not be hampered by the mask. British actors have a tendency to use their entire body while acting due to their time in stage plays, this could be a strength as Scott can really only use eyes and his body language to show Doom’s emotions. If Fox opt to do an origin tale of Doom without his signature armour, it would only benefit to have Scott fill that role as well.

Christoph Waltz

Austrian actor Christoph Waltz arrives at the BAFTA awards ceremony at the Royal Opera House in London

We do not know the age range that this iteration of Doom could be. If they opt for an older actor, the first pick should be Waltz. Again, no stranger to villainous roles as James Bond archvillain and leader of Spectre, Blofeld. Waltz’s vocal delivery is meticulous, cunning and chilling. If that were mixed with a metallic voice effect it could bring a sense of dread and power to Doom. The age may also be ignored if the character is in the body armour. Having the Austrain/German accent is a major brownie point as well.

Ron Perlman

ron pearlman

Perlman is no stranger to comic book movies or wearing make up, giving standout performances as the big red demon-spawn Hellboy movies. Perlman also has notable voice acting works, most recently as Bular in Trollhunters. Already an imposing build, Perlman has a long list of villain credentials, often standing out as the highlight in any feature he is on. Look no further than his performance as Clay Morrow in Sons of Anarchy. At 67 there may not be much longevity in a repeat role as Doom, but he could certainly bring the character back to the forefront of villains by providing a memorable performance that people will want to see again. Maybe Perlman could play a time travelling Doom.

Alexander Skarsgård

Alexander Skarsgard

Skarsgard comes from a pedigree of great Swedish actors and has risen to some fame in recent years thanks to his role of Eric in True Blood and his recent portrayal as Tarzan. Skarsgard is more than just a pretty face, his physique is unmatched and pushes himself to get into whatever role he is cast. Anyone who say his Eric knows he is able to communicate simply with his eyes, a big plus when that is all the expression we will see under Dooms iron exterior. Being from Scandinavia, Skarsgard has the added bonus of being familiar with Nordic traditions, bringing added realism to Doom’s mystic and occult side.

David Wenham

David Wenham

The Aussie actor has been in just about every big budget blockbuster you can imagne as a supporting cast, and like Perlman is instantly recognisable. He is extremely versatile in his range, playing a variety of characters of different complexity throughout his already acclaimed career. He is respected actor and is no stranger to Marvel villains, playing the antagonist in the critically panned Iron Fist. Whenam made the show barable and showed he can play a multi layered villain with ease. He is also not afraid to bulk up for a role, putting on a lot of muscle for his performances in 300 and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

Hardy is in high demand these days so his schedule may not present the opportunity. However, out of this list he is most suited. This pains me to say as I don’t like him as an actor, but his credits actually support him in the role of Doom. Hardy has had many roles where his face is covered or obstructed by a facial object. Bane is the prime example of this, as is his Mad Max role. Add Hardy’s English accent and imposing stature and you have the perfect Doom. Even if he used Banes terrible voice, it would be somehow fitting for the monarch Doom, it had a sense of regality and formality to it. It just wasn’t the fit for Bane. This might be tough securing him due to his role in Venom, but we can hope.

Russell Crowe

russell Crowe

There is no role Rusty cannot play. Gladiator instantly springs to mind and with his method acting, Russell takes every role he plays seriously. He literally went to his sons school dressed as Noah. His humility as Jor El in Man of Steel and ferocity as Maximus could be a perfect blend for the man who rules with the iron glove. His recent performance of Dr Jeckyl further emphasises that Russell is made to play characters with multiple personalities. Plus no one messes with the fury of Doom or Crowe.

So what do you think of the casting? Do you have any other actors who aren’t on this list who could play Doom? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook page. Just don’t say Julian McMahon, he had his chance twice.