Table 19 – Movie Review

Table 19 unites the acting talents of Anna Kendrick and the writing smarts of the Duplass brothers for a high concept dramedy that takes place over the course o...

Free Fire – Movie Review

Following a series of films featuring heavy subject matter and spanning a variety of genres, director Ben Wheatley turns his attention to an entirely different ...

Logan – Movie Review

After three disappointing solo outings and a somewhat watered down portrayal in other X-Men outings, Wolverine is back for one more stab in the claws. So, is...



I live and breathe film, from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to obscure low budget indies. I love cinema because its an escape from the everyday, and there's nothing quite like those precious few moments when the lights go down and the screen lights up. Favourite Movies: GoodFellas, The Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club